Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am having a heart to heart with my best friend right now and i just noticed that we were honestly meant to be best friends forever and ever.. there is nothing i wouldn't do for my best friend and i know he would do anything for me also.. he has always been there for me whenever i needed to talk to him about anything because he is just that type of guy.. he will always help me through the hard times when no one else seems to understand.. he is just that kind of guy.. me and him can always talk about anything and i know he will not judge me.. every time i talk about looking for new friends he will be one of those friends that will never need to be replaced.. he is going no where.. no matter what you say or anyone else.. he is truly the best friend everyone needs and dreams for but guess what!! I GOT HIM FIRST.. i love my best friend with all of my heart and he will always have his own special place there.. <3

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