Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today Was A Day Of Funny Situations!!!!!

Today was a very boring day in school!! Casablanca,,Ab day,,taxes,,Socialist,,Volleyball,,and a class game........Pretty BORING!!!! Although it was a boring day many funny things happened!!!

After first hour-- ((the situation)) my friends girlfriend just broke up with him because she found out that he was going down to Panama for Spring Break ((she is a controlling girlfriend)) so she broke up with him.. She hasn't came to school the past three days because of the break up *tear* <---lmao.. Anywho.,.,.,, my locker is right by his.. she had some things in his locker so she went to get them... then she tried to talk to him.. he blew her off and she grabbed his ID and flung it around his neck!! <---LMAO!!!! don't know exactly what that was going to solve.. she laughed right at her so was everyone else and she started crying...

ThIrD HoUr-- the teacher that i have Ms.McCrea... ((best teacher ever)) likes to have class discussions and likes the class to be very involved.. there is a certain student that always has an opinion about everything.. she likes to take other peoples answers and twist them so that she can talk.. even though someone else just said the same thing.. i think she just likes to hear her own voice.. anyway... we have to wear IDs to school.. as the girl was talking my teachers ear off.. my teacher simply put the ID around her neck and made it look like she was hung.. <---LMAO.. it might have been the funniest thing she has done this year.. Also we were having a talk about if you are a special ed teacher,,math teacher,,or science teacher you get a certain amount of money back from the government to pay for your education.. our teacher was telling us that we should look into that field of study.. some girl in the back of the classroom said, "okay i might look into that." then she went on to ask, "do you have to have a degree to be a special ed teacher,,math teacher,, or science teach..." i could have ran to the back of the classroom and slap the shit out of her.. i swear my school teaches people great things.. omg!! that is our Future.. <--- I AM SCARED!!!!

SiXtH HoUr-- we played a class game today.. a disagree and agree game,, the teacher asked questions you had to go to either side.. blah blah... well she asked a question.. ((do you think that it is okay to view porn on the internet)) i swear to you every single guy in the class went over to the agree side of the classroom!!!! me and the girls that stayed on the disagree side came to the conclusion that all the guys that dont get any stayed went over there because they are losers.. the only reason they say they went over there is because sometimes you just want to see a naked girl.. i was like wtf these guys are complete losers..

ThE cAr RiDe HoMe-- Me and my sisters were on our way home and my sisters friend calls her cracking up!!! She also starts laughing.. we ask her what is up... she tells us that some guy on her friends block tried to sell him a microwave door... OMG...

In My SiStErS RoOm--We are listening to music and she is singing into her remote control.. she tries to be a hard ass and says,"okay we are done now." we go to change it back to American Idol <----explains the singing.. The she says wait!! i lost the remote.. **she is looking all around for it** then i say," Allison it is in your hand" I SWEAR TO YOU I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY SEE THAT HAPPEN!!!!! that was the best moment of the day!!!

So even though it was a boring day in school... funny things always happen to me!! i can honestly say i have the best friends and family members.. without them none of this stuff would happen,,, LOVE YOU GUYS..

Good Night.. <3

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sick Day..!!

Today i didn't go to school.. i have been sick for the past week.. i never had a cold for this long before.. after a week off of school i have to take a day off what is going on.. every teacher says, "when you have a week long break you shouldn't take a extra day off." ugh i hate teachers.. thank god for phones ((blackberry storm)) because i have kept up with one person in each of my classes all day.. because of my great thinking ((lol)) i know that i have no homework to make up except for some reading but SparkNotes takes care of that..
When you are sick,,sitting home,,and bored you think about random things.. Well today i was thinking "What would i so without my BlackBerry?" i have seriously been on it all day long.. I was laying in my bed and using it all day.. I think i would died without it.. ((jk)) I just know i can't do stuff without it.. I know i always have it by my side and i use every feature that is available to me.. My family always makes fun of me because they say i can't do anything without my BlackBerry and it is true.. ((lol)) i guess they are right..
Funny Story:: today my step father went to get his oil changed and he was sitting waiting for it to get out of the back and some guy with his daughter are at the counter about to pay their bill and the kid at the oil place tells the man his total.. the total came out to be 87 dollars and some change.. the man flips out.. "what the fuck!! 87 fuckin dollars for a fucking oil change What the fuck!!" the man behind the counter is telling the man that the 87 dollars covered the oil change and the wiper blades that he bought.. the man is still freaking out.. "are you fucking serious man??!! Take the fucking blades off now!! I could go to Murrys and pay 6.99 for fucking blades".. the man ends up leaving without any blades on his daughters car and pays the 37 dollars..!! My stepdad said it was the funnest thing that he has seen in a while.. When it is my step dads time to pay the man behind the counter says the total comes out to 118 dollars.. My step dad freaks out and says "wtf is this shit.. are you fucking serious!! take the fucking oil out right now!!! the boy behind the counter is looking at him like he is crazy and my step dad simply says "naw man i'm just playing around and gives him the cash.. Lmfao!! :)
Well i gotta get some rest.. School tomorrow!! yay!! <---SiKe..
Love xoxo

restless night!!!!

So as I lay here in my bed the only thing that is keeping me awake is this stupid cough!! I have been sick for the past 5 days and now I can't go to school because I am going to get zero hours of sleep!!! Well just had to blow off some steam!!! <3

Sunday, February 22, 2009

These are the Ogletree Brothers..


Watch out for Kory's mixtape... its going to be hott...!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

People These Days....

I just don't understand people these days.. People act like they have never seen snow... i mean come on now.. we live in Michigan everyone has seen snow and has driven in it.. so people please don't act like you haven't...